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Dream and a planet. Oppy's house and a packing plant. Kitchi.

Warning: Scary stuff!

Jenn: Now how to get Myrror out of trouble. *goes and pokes Oppy*

Oppy: *burp* 0_0 Sorry

Jenn: *wave to Oppy*

Oppy: Oh, hi, Jenn! *pause* You have that expression.

Jenn: Yah... Myrror went somewhere on Council Business, and she hasn't returned. I'm worried, and with Dark Slumbering...

Oppy: *sets aside his big bowl of packing peanuts and cocks his head to listen* Is Council Business likely to be dangerous? *sets his little glitterbitty Swindle into the bowl*

gbSwindle: Bargain!

Jenn: Usually. They know of her immortality, is probably why they sent her. Horrid, do you know what it is?

Horrid: ...She said something about Dalake going to this one realm, and not returning. I think she was going to see if any Dalake were still alive there, and then place a barrier around it if it was truly dangerous.

Oppy: *gently mugs Pipes as the youngster comes over to look into the bowl* Did they know she's had trouble recently?

Horrid: They know. I don't think they would have asked her if they had no other choice.

Oppy: Pipes, can you take care of your brother for awhile? Mom and I are going to go check on something.

Pipes: *looks at Dad. Looks back into the bowl*

gbSwindle: Bargain! Heeheehee!

Pipes: *chuckles at happy bitty* Sure, Dad.

Horrid: *will hug an uncle*

Oppy: *gets to his feet after setting the TV to record his history program while playing something the kids will like*

Columba: *comes in and stands by husband in response to his wordless mental call*

Horrid: Will you be okay? I'd ask Gramma's siblings, but I only know how to get ahold of two of them... and they're both resting from that battle.

Oppy: *steps over to a clear place on the floor and transforms to his true shape, wings spreading slightly as they appear*

Columba: *decides there isn't room for two dragons just yet, so she climbs up on his back* Lord willing, we should be. We usually are.

Horrid: *nods*

Oppy: *listens again, trying to see if he can sense coordinates or Myrror's presence*

coordinates: *appear in his mind, though not exacts for Myrror. There's an odd, underlying "siren song" to them, but not directed at dragons of Oppy's type*

Oppy: I think it's a good idea that none of your relatives went on this search, Horrid.

Horrid: ...Is it bad?

Oppy: Something's trying to lure them to it.

Horrid: *will now shift from his anthro to his dragon form, and curl up around his uncles and aunt*

Oppy: *gentle nose bump for the little dragon, a last glance at his boys playing 'Adventure Capitalist', and then he and Columba have vanished without a sound*

reality: *the place they appear seems to be Earth-like. There's a huge factory in the distance, and the scent of blood coming from it.*

Oppy: *wrinkles his nose and goes stealth, then listens to the area to see who is near him*

Columba: *also listening, and adding her strength to his to help so that he doesn't miss anything*

factory: *sense of Myrror is coming from there... as well as others that could be her kind, or at least similar to her*

factory: *also has loads of humans there... or people similar to humans*

Oppy: *scowls and lopes silently toward the factory, keeping all his senses on his surroundings at the same time*

factory gate: *closed, but large enough to let a dragon through. The road beside it is "decorated" by two dragon skulls on either side*

Oppy: *over the gate as he mentally soothes his wife as she reacts to the sight of the skulls. Continues inside*

factory: *is a busy meat processing plant. Oppy might smell Myrror's scent coming from one of the packages*

Oppy: 0_0 *cataclysmic machine failure suddenly rampant!* *because the machines are now alive...*

workers: *go into "machine has broken down" mode... just long enough to realize that it really, really hasn't.* *FLEE!*

near the back of the plant: *There's a sudden, familiar but weakened roar*

Oppy: *heads toward the roar* -Myrror?-

Myrror: *doesn't respond... at least, not in words. Hurting*

Oppy: *reassures a young incubator who runs up and clamours at him. Don't worry, little one, your eggs are safe from the bad people*

incubator: *will hug a Oppy arm... and then flail at any passing people*

Oppy: *no longer invisible, so that the young bots can take comfort from his presence and Columba's*

Columba: *down off Oppy back and hurrying toward where she heard Myrror*

area: *is now empty of people. But there are at least twenty dragons of various colors bound to the factory floor, healing wounds cut from their sides.*

Myrror: *is the only one resisting... and she's not thinking clear enough to "shift down" out of the restraints*

Oppy: *smoke leaks from his nostrils as he gently probes the minds of the dragons who are laying still*

Columba: *very gentle bap for Myrror's nose* *softly* Change!

Myrror: -Huh?- *shifts down to human form.*

other Dalake: *are alive, but have been there long enough that they don't realize they can escape--or are too weak to do so*

Oppy: *gently touches the mind of the nearest dragon* -Hey...-

blue Dalake: *blink... blink* -Who?-

Oppy: -My name is Optimus, of the Guardian Fae.- *glances down as a former machine runs up and starts unfastening the blue dragon's bonds* -We're here to get you out of here.-

blue Dalake: -Am...am...Hali'vree...-

Oppy: *reaches out a hand to help Hali'vree to his feet* Can you change?

Hali'vree: -Weak....- *but does so, shifting into human form*

others: *soon are also free and in human form, but are too weak to stand*

more incubators: *coming from another part of the plant*

newbots: *gently lifting and holding the weak dragons, soft clickings of reassurance and affection coming from them*

Oppy: *listens carefully to see if this plant is the only one of its kind here*

plant: *is. Due to the Dalake nature, they only needed twenty or so adults to keep the place going, and the owner was iffy about starting a new plant and putting anyone else in charge* *the babies, on the other hand...*

Oppy: *a thought has the plant owner standing in front of him. Will now wait till the incubators are done shouting at the person*

plant owner: *cringe at the machines*

incubator: *will now tug at Columba! Come with me?*

Columba: Alright, I'm coming.

Oppy: *to the plant owner* You know, I know some people who'd just love to have you with a little hot sauce on the side.

plant owner: ...But they're just animals!

Myrror: *hears this* *curses* He KNOWS. I bloody well told him! *falls to knees as a couple machines help her* ...And you knocked me out and added me... to your supply line.

plant owner: *cringe*

incubator: *takes Columba to another part of the plant. A silver dragon lays on the ground, newly free but too weak to move, and too egg-heavy to shift*

Optimus: *conversationally* Or I could just turn you into a wer-dragon and leave you here for your staff to find. *tilts his head and listens for any galactic police presence in this sector*

Myrror: Be glad Dark's not here.

Galactic Police: *are nearby, space-wise*

plant Owner: *is looking for an escape route*

Oppy: *big forepaw casually on top of the owner as his face suddenly appears on a screen on the nearest police ship* //This is Optimus the Traveller. I need police assistance.//

IGP Captain: This is Captain Joshua Johnson. How may we be of assistance, friend?

Oppy: *face clears* //IGP. It's good to see your face, friend. I've got some pretty gross sentient rights violations down here on *planet name and coordinates*.// *gently, knowing that the good Captain's probably going to come over dizzy at this* //They were cutting pieces off of rapidly healing dragons for consumption.//

Captain: *face deepens into a barely controlled frown* We will be there shortly.

Oppy: //Alright, Captain. Optimus out.// *looks down at the man under his paw, then at the newborn bots all around them* Who wants to hold this guy till the police come?

machines: *all wave arms!*

Oppy: Who can do it without beating him up or trying to turn him into an entrée?

one: *looks owner in face, and "turns on" its eyes*

owner: Gah, no... no... *staaaare*

smaller bots: *will just sit on him to make sure he's still*

Oppy: *soft praise for the sedation bot, and then makes sure the smaller ones aren't hurting the man with too much weight* Alright. Now keep him here, and keep him safe. I'll be back.

Dalake: *are now huddled together, resting. Luckily for the owner, not only are they too weak to retaliate, but Dalake don't kill sentients anyway...*

Oppy: *softly* And some of you take care of the Dalake, okay? You're doing really well. I'm proud of all of you.

Myrror: *mutters as she's taken care of with the others, but knows better than to fuss.*

Oppy: *gives Myrror a piece of red velvet cake* Just sit for a bit, okay?

Myrror: ...Kay. *will share cake. Hope cake lasts >.>*

Oppy: There'll be enough for everyone. Would anyone like something else?

Dalake: *are happy with cake for now. Been awhile since many have had actual food*

Oppy: Okay. *gentle nose touch for the nearest one, and then he's turning to stride the way that his wife and that incubator went*

Columba: *gently stroking the poor mother's cheek. Looks up as her husband comes in*

Oppy: *tries to refrain from breathing smoke* *quietly* Hello.

silver dragon: *looks a lot like Myrror* ... -Hello?-

Oppy: I'm Optimus, and this is my wife Columba. You're safe now.

silver dragon: -my babies...-

Oppy: *listens*

eggs: *are safe, if they're in the incubators*

Oppy: *points to the incubator crouched beside Columba* Most are right here.

empty incubator: *also trying to comfort the dragon*

Oppy: *also listens to see when the poor mother is due to deliver this clutch she's carrying* *winces* *quietly* If you wish, I can heal what they've done to you.

silver dragon: -Won't hurt... eggs... will it?-

soft noise: *coming from a nearby room. Like a baby dragon crying*

Oppy: *listens to the sound* No. It'll help them be stronger.

newbot: *heading toward the crying!*

silver dragon: -I wish... damage... undone...-

newbot: *comes back carrying a baby dragon. The dragon looks weak, as if hatched too early*

Oppy: *reaches out and helps the mother dragon, her children, and the poor baby in the newbot's arms*

Columba: *is reaching for the poor baby as sparkles swirl around them in a healing storm*

silver dragon: *lays there and lets things happen*

baby dragon: *cheeps, then creels. Is hungry*

Columba: *grants the baby's wish*

Oppy: *startles as more little voices come from the other room* What? I can't raise the dead.

Columba: *looks up from feeding the little one* Dead?

Oppy: *heading for the other room* *quiet and grim* Some of them aren't now.

various dragonlings: *whimpering and creeling, some still in forced open silvery eggshells, some looking like they'd about to be processed if the machines hadn't come to life. There seems to be around four now alive*

Oppy: *to the former processing machine, gently* Those ones aren't going to wake up. Come take care of these ones. They're hungry.

machine: *saddened, but will attend to the ones it now can*

Oppy: *to the plant owner* -You're looking at life in maximum security. The JD don't like people killing babies.-

owner: *just babbles in response*

silver dragon: *whimpers as her healed body decides that her eggs need to be laid*

Oppy: *to an empty incubator that's standing nearby* Go to the mother.

Columba: *to the incubator next to her* Are there any of you empty?

incubators: *there are three nearby, and as they notice the one empty going towards the mother, they do also, comforting her*

Oppy: *follows them out of the room, one baby dragon in his arms after the empty incubator gave it to him* Are you alright, Columba?

Columba: *softly, as she strokes the mother's head* We'll be alright.

Oppy: *nods and heads for the next room, ducking his head because he's now walking upright*

processor: *caring for the other hatchlings best it can, will follow*

eggs: *are soon laid. Mother's instinct is to curl around and protect, but she knows this place is not safe. Lets the incubators carry them*

Eggs: *number around six*

Columba: *smiles softly as she watches the incubators pick the eggs up and then tuck themselves into the mother's coils* *gently* Good.

silver dragon: *smiles* -I... am Starsheen...- *whimpers* -My mate is gone. Never should have brought him...-

Columba: *soft sympathy as she offers a hug* You didn't know. It isn't your fault. But I know that doesn't fill the emptiness.

incubator: *to Starsheen* Mum-ma! *cuddle*

Starsheen: -Thought safe world... song so nice...- *smiles at incubator* -Part of him lives on.-

Columba: I think some of the new Transformers hope you'll keep them too. *looks at the newborns nestled there protecting the eggs*

Starsheen: -Unsure of... home now. Was only small place. Wonder... if Mom is... still around.-

Columba: *softly, as the hatchling in her arms asks to snuggle in an incubator with unborn siblings* What's your mom's name?

Starsheen: -Ruja'nob.- *though Columba might get that name means "Reflection"*

Columba: *settles baby with eggs* Let me look. *will tilt her head and listen... and find mother in other room with other Dalake* Oh! Myrror!

Starsheen: -Yes, tha...- *blink* -You know Myrror? Mom?-

Columba: She's almost family.


Oppy: *changes to bot and goes to sit down by Myrror, that snuggley dragon baby still in his arms*

Myrror: .... *blinks* Optimus? Where'd they come from?

Oppy: *quietly* Starsheen's in the other room.

Myrror: *blink* ... *BLINK* *stutters* Sta-star-sheen??

Oppy: *gently, as he looks at her* Yes. Her mate died here. All these babies are hers.

Myrror: *feel that, Oppy? You're about to have angry rageful grandmother dragon on your hands in around five seconds...*

Oppy: *grab, snuggle her against the baby he's holding*

Myrror: *CRIES*

Oppy: *rocks and holds them as the incubators who followed him in and some of the other newbots cry in sympathy*

Myrror: *clings to her grandchild and sobs. Probably a very good thing she's still too weak to consider following up on her "destroy this place to the GROUND" thoughts*

Oppy: *comfort comfort* *looks up as people teleport in*

JD man: *steps forward* Major Caleb Johnson. Are you Optimus?

Oppy: I am. I've given medical care, and... er. Well. Some of the machines are alive now. But everything else is like we found it.

Columba: *from the door to the other room* They're all alive.

Oppy: Oops.

Myrror: *can't help but snerk in her grandchild's mane at that*

Maj. Johnson: ...Why are you saying, "Oops", friend?

Oppy: *blushing* I'm Guardian Fae, and I have this little problem with bringing machines to life, sometimes.

Maj. Johnson: *as his people spread out and go to work* Ah... I'm not familiar with Guardian Fae yet.

Oppy: We're inter-dimensional, and don't tend to happen often anymore. *looks down at Myrror*

Myrror: *just now seems to realize something* ...Starsheen. In. Other... Room.

Oppy: *as he gets to his feet* I'll take you to her. *to the Major, as he hands the smaller man a datachip* Here's a recording of everything I've seen since I came in. And there are body parts in the packages in that room.

Maj. Johnson: *usually cheerful face is grim as he takes the chip* Thank you, Optimus.

Oppy: *nods, and then follows his wife into the other room*

Myrror: *is only not clambering out of your grasp, Optimus, because you're heading where she wants to go*

Oppy: *gently kneels by Starsheen to put Myrror down. Tries to put baby down too, but baby is comfortable and clings*

Myrror: *will HUG her daughter's neck and sob*

Starsheen: Mom? Mom! *tries to hug back*

Oppy: *quiet argument with determined baby* Come on now. Don't you want to meet your mom and grandma?

Baby: *chirrup!* *nope, wanna stay with you!*

Oppy: *gently points baby's nose toward the ladies* See? Mom. Hugs?

Baby: *hugs Oppy*

Starsheen: *looks a bit sad, but smiles* -He's taken to you... see you as parent.-

Oppy: ... Oops.

Myrror: *notices* ...Not the first time... it's happened. *will cuddle with her daughter and the incubators. So tired...*

Columba: *amused at her husband* Well... many of these baby bots have imprinted on you, Starsheen.

Starsheen: *blush a bit* Mom... Can I... come home?

Myrror: Always... *snuggle*

Oppy: *gently* You just have to talk to the police, and I can help you go home. *looks closely at the baby he's holding for the first time, to see just what he's become the daddy to!*

Starsheen: *nods, and rests, covering her family with a wing*

Oppy: *to the little scrap of purple and tan in his arms* Alright, Mister, you win.

Baby: *happy dragonling purr*

Oppy: Do you have a name?

Baby: *nope, no name. You have one for him?*

Oppy: ...Kitchi means brave.

Starsheen: *smiles at that*

Columba: *comes over to gently smooth the baby's head* Do you like that name?

Kitchi: *likes*

Columba: Would you like a mother, too?

Kitchi: *purrs at Columba's touch*

Columba: *softly* Awww. *leans down to kiss baby Kitchi on the head between his little horns*

Oppy: You've got two brothers. One of them's still a baby himself.

Kitchi: *chirrup cheep!*

Myrror: Just be careful... what you say around him at first.

Oppy: *questioning look*

Myrror: They start talking... by mimicking. -This one, *slight ruffle to Starsheen's mane*, first words were "mon Dieu". For a week.-

Starsheen: *raised eyebrow at ruffle*

Oppy: *laughs softly* The worst he'll usually hear in the Dream is, "BARGAIN".

Columba: Well, Bubby swears sometimes.

Myrror: *yawns, her healing starting to take its toll* ...Yah, might let him know.

Oppy: *softly, as he runs his finger down Kitchi's mane* He hasn't been that frustrated in awhile. //Bubby?//

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