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Name:A Slice of the Multiverse
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Community description:Interactive Story RP
A place for the adventures of my [personal profile] random_xtras characters. Also for adventures of other of Tam's characters that for whatever reason don't fit into their LJs. Rated PG, and some is view with discretion.

NOTE: The concept of the Sign Nexus does not originate with me. It was invented by the owner of the LJ community called Sages of Chaos. I give her full credit for the idea. My own sign nexus is an offshoot of that original one, with a set layout, and a much smaller and less bright sign that sits on the roof of the Visitor's Center. It split off during February of 2013. Hopefully, sometime or other, I'll make a map to show myself and my friends what it looks like.

"We've got the square here, the park across the street from it. Over this way a few blocks over there'll soon be a hotel on the shores of the weed monster lake, over by the subdivision that never got built. In that direction..." He turns and points the opposite way. "Is the harbour and that chunk of Venice. Between the harbour and here is the Nexus Library, which includes every book ever written. A little closer and to the West is the Nexus mall." He turns again, facing North East. "There's a populated subdivision in that direction, on the other side of the Sanctuary of Primus, and just here to the North is the blanket factory and my mom's doll factory. To the East, along this path between the brownstones and in the huge old warehouse at the end of the path, are the entwife's garden and the Black Dog pub, which is having a live band tomorrow night. To the far West is Blackout's kingdom. You want to avoid it. And over to the far North East is the lost highway. Some people live there, and there are a lot of motor sport events. Between the highway and here is forest with some homes in it."

Reason for Rating: Some fighting, death, fart jokes, and the occasional off colour comment that I don't catch. Oh yeah, and kissing. They won't stop doing that. All is SAFE FOR WORK unless specified in the thread. Some characters played by other people are hard to keep in line.
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